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Bookkeeping Site

Database built for client login and document upload. Client can add and remove clients.

Consulting Site

Consultant database to manager client sessions. Client able to add consultants, clients and configure pages.

Student College Site

High School student portal to allow colleges to login and view stats

Class Registration

Visitor class search and visitor registration. Client able to add and remove classes.

Website Builder Site

Portal to allow clients to easily add pages and change colors to their website without touching the programming components of the website.

University Site

University website allowing administrator to add class, new teachers, events and student accounts. Allows student to register for class and view records.

Internet Safety For Kids Site

Online platform that teaches kids internet safety and how to build their own website

Real Estate Community Website

Online real estate platform that allows professionals to login and connect with one another on the latest real estate deal.

124 Website Designs- The Efficient Website Builder for Adults

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Small Business websites built by Bay Area High School Students who are mentored by Silicon Valley professionals.

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