Network Consultant

Our Network Consultants are experienced and educated professionals who certifies network functionality and performance. They are responsible for designing, setting up and maintaining computer networks at either an organization or client location. Consultants meet with the organization’s manager, network engineers to discuss networking requirements. They next research the network’s performance and security. After careful analysis, they suggest changes, if any, for better functionality along with a cost-benefit analysis. Other consultants then review the installation and perform the testing of the new or existing network.It is a broad title and includes a wide variety of work. A consultant might be a network architect, system administrator, security specialist or a related work specialist in the Telecom world. Many consultants are self-employed while others work full time. Consultants oversee the entire network to ensure the organization’s productivity. They also review the deployment of network firewalls and antivirus software.

Clients Love Us!

As a small, independent charter school principal, having responsive people who can help solve problems is essential. Increasingly education involves teaching about and using technology. Ms. Ellis from LMBE Solutions has been an important partner in making sure my staff are able to use technology effectively in their teaching and my students learn about how to productively use technology to learn.
- D.M. Kloker - North Oakland Charter School